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Contemporary Service for Ash Wednesday Taylor Burton-Edwards offers an Ash Wednesday service with video, prayer, and music, scripture, receiving of ashes, and communion. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Discipleship Ministries Author: Taylor Burton-Edwards
The Call is Urgent A commentary on Joel 2:1-2, 12-17. The text calls us "to confess our sins, to remind ourselves of our mortality and frailty, and to hear the call to repentance or turning around from our sinful ways." Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Working Preacher - Preach This Week Author: Dennis Olson
Death Is Swallowed Up: Easter Sunday Resources (B) Worship resources for Easter Sunday (Year B). Includes a litany, call to confession, prayer of confession, assurance of pardon, and song suggestions. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Reformed Church in America
Lent, A Necessary Time of Preparation This resource provides an introduction to Lent and offers a comprehensive guide to Lenten planning. It provides suggestions for selecting passages, ideas for a sermon series, questions to consider, and sample elements of worship. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Ash Wednesday: Cultural Resources This worship resource for Ash Wednesday provides the following cultural resources: historical information, a prose excerpt, and traditional songs. Resource type: Sermon Illustration Source: The African American Lectionary Author: William H. Wiggins, Jr.
A theory of jerks Are you surrounded by fools? Are you the only reasonable person around? Then maybe you’re the one with the jerkitude, writes Eric Schwitzgebel in this humorous article exploring the theme of jerks, being judgmental, morality, etc. Resource type: Article Source: Aeon Magazine Author: Eric Schwitzgebel
Ash Wednesday Worship Outline of a worship service of repentance and renewal for Ash Wednesday, including prayers, invitation, scripture, music, imposition of ashes, benediction, and a link to a meditation by Debra Rienstra. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Debra Rienstra
Easter Fears Reflecting on the Gospel resurrection accounts, Peter Marty maintains that freedom from fear is the most powerful effect of Easter. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Perspectives Journal Author: Peter W. Marty
Advent Waiting Advent resources: a folk ballad, "Every Valley," tells of the times when waiting is hard and hope is needed, a "Community Prayer for Waiting," a banner, a painting, another prayer, and two quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.... Resource type: Song/Hymn Source: Global Worship
Why Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday became the day that marked the beginning of the Lenten renewal. Laura Smit explores the use of ash on Ash Wednesday and the implications for believers. Resource type: Article Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Laura Smit
Resurrection Apprehension: Lots of Ideas to Calm Those Easter Sermon Fears Preaching on Easter every year can bring up apprehension, but Louis E. Lotz helps by giving possible sermon topics and thoughts. Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Louis E. Lotz
Using common materials to communicate the themes of Lent During the season of lent a church decided to use common materials to deepen their experience of lent, such as dirt and twigs Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Debra Levey Larson
Full Text Hymns on Peace When Peace like a RiverPD
Wonderful PeacePD
Peace, Perfect PeacePD
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Losing Peace and Joy With themes on joy, peace, and sin, this illustration highlights that we can lose our joy and peace as an effect of sin. This is appropriate for John 15:22 and 2 Peter 2:20 Resource type: Sermon Illustration Source: Preaching Today Author: Jill Briscoe Peace with Our Enemies - Study Guide Adult Bible study guide on understanding the nature of the real enemy and the importance of God's armor to proclaim the gospel of peace. This study guide is based on Ephesians 6:10-20 and articles. Resource type: Study Guide Source: The Christian Reflection Project Author: Robert B. Kruschwitz Cross of Wood A black and white symbol imitating the ashen mark of the cross, suggesting the ruggedness and earthiness of our sinfulness and the suffering and death of Christ on our behalf. Resource type: Image Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Elizabeth Steele Halstead
Peace and Justice in the Qur'an Robert Kruschwitz offers a study guide for comparing Islamic and Christian conceptions of peace and justice. The Qur'an has a high regard for peace, but not at the expense of justice. Resource type: Study Guide Source: The Christian Reflection Project Author: Robert B. Kruschwitz Peace Reflecting on John 14:27, Tony Robinson writes that the world offers three models of peace: palace, fortress, and escape. But the peace of God sends us into the world, to live as ministers of reconciliation. Resource type: Devotional Source: Day1 Author: Anthony Robinson Bringing Peace to Paradise This article by Steven Gertz describes the efforts of missionary John Williams (1796-1839) in spreading Christianity in the South Pacific. Rather than utilizing British missionaries, Williams trained indigenous missionaries who could spread the gospel to locals. Resource type: Article Source: Christian History and Biography Author: Steven Gertz Peace Promptings Within In this sermon outline for Isaiah 2:1-4, Arthur Landwehr observes that the passage assumes we can make positive steps toward peace. But to be able to will peace, we must be able to conceive of peace.... Resource type: Sermon Illustration Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Author: Arthur Landwehr Peace be with you Thomas Kearns preaches on the risen Lord's gift of peace (John 20:19-31), reminding us that this peace is not simple tranquility or serenity, but is something alive and active, liberating and dynamic, challenging and calming. Resource type: Sermon (Complete) Source: Torch Author: Tom Kearns O.P.
Search results 1-20 of 11,962
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