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The Bad News is Part of the Good News In this interview, Fleming Rutledge explores the themes of suffering and belief surrounding the Easter and Good Friday, as well as the implications of these stories for Christians in the rest of history. Resource type: Article Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly Author: Fleming Rutledge
Reading Julian on Good Friday Drawing from the writings of Julian of Norwich, this Good Friday article by Jason Lief presents the sufferings of Christ on the cross as a symbol of finding new life in foolishness rather than honor. Resource type: Article Source: The Twelve Author: Jason Lief
Cross of Wood A black and white symbol imitating the ashen mark of the cross, suggesting the ruggedness and earthiness of our sinfulness and the suffering and death of Christ on our behalf. Resource type: Image Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Elizabeth Steele Halstead
Painful Path, Strong Faith This exegesis of Luke 13:31-35 explores Jesus' prophetic path towards Jerusalem and argues that Christians are called to join Jesus on the same path of resistance, rejection, and difficulty. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Patheos Author: Alyce McKenzie
Death Is Swallowed Up: Easter Sunday Resources (B) Worship resources for Easter Sunday (Year B). Includes a litany, call to confession, prayer of confession, assurance of pardon, and song suggestions. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Reformed Church in America
The Call is Urgent A commentary on Joel 2:1-2, 12-17. The text calls us "to confess our sins, to remind ourselves of our mortality and frailty, and to hear the call to repentance or turning around from our sinful ways." Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Working Preacher - Preach This Week Author: Dennis Olson
A theory of jerks Are you surrounded by fools? Are you the only reasonable person around? Then maybe you’re the one with the jerkitude, writes Eric Schwitzgebel in this humorous article exploring the theme of jerks, being judgmental, morality, etc. Resource type: Article Source: Aeon Magazine Author: Eric Schwitzgebel
Commentary on Psalm 25:1-10 Psalm 25 is a model prayer, based on the cries of individuals to God in earlier psalms. It indicates how important it is regularly to recite words that call us to faith and dependence on God. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Working Preacher - Preach This Week Author: Jerome Creach
Lent, A Necessary Time of Preparation This resource provides an introduction to Lent and offers a comprehensive guide to Lenten planning. It provides suggestions for selecting passages, ideas for a sermon series, questions to consider, and sample elements of worship. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Contemporary Service for Ash Wednesday Taylor Burton-Edwards offers an Ash Wednesday service with video, prayer, and music, scripture, receiving of ashes, and communion. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Discipleship Ministries Author: Taylor Burton-Edwards
Lament: Ash Wednesday This reflection gets to the heart of Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent by exploring Joel 2 and our need to pray, to fast, to mourn, and to read God’s Word. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Sermons That Work Author: Joslyn Ogden Schaefer
Season of Lent A sermon starter and commentary by Luke Powery on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 for the season of Lent in the African American Lectionary. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: The African American Lectionary Author: Luke A. Powery
Full Text Hymns on Suffering O Thou through suffering perfect madePD
Here We Suffer Grief And PainPD
Nearer, my God, to TheePD
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Unimaginable Words This Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service is patterned after tenebrae, a service of shadows or darkness. The theme is the disciple Peter's reflections on his "unimaginable words" denying Christ and his beginning to heal afterwards. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Advent Hope: Staying Afloat In this Advent reflection, the author ponders the challenge of offering real hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. Resource type: Article Source: The High Calling
Using common materials to communicate the themes of Lent During the season of lent a church decided to use common materials to deepen their experience of lent, such as dirt and twigs Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Debra Levey Larson
Sights and Sounds of Lent: Children's Meditations for the Season Coins, a robe, a basin of water, they can all turn into something special for the season of Lent. One church created children’s Lenten meditations that engage their senses by using these objects and more. Resource type: Drama Source: Reformed Worship Author: Bernard J. Haan, Jr.
Suffering Servant Sometimes our focus on the victorious nature of the Messiah can cause us to overlook those prophecies about the suffering servant. In this podcast, Scott Hoezee and David Bast discuss Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22. Resource type: Audio/Video Source: Groundwork Author: Scott Hoezee Suffering Servants - Study Guide Study guide for a lesson based on the concept of suffering. Suffering is not glorified, but it is endowed with power to advance God’s reign. Includes liturgical elements and discussion questions. Resource type: Study Guide Source: The Christian Reflection Project Author: Robert B. Kruschwitz Suffering that Takes Us Somewhere Though the Bible doesn't provide a neat theory of suffering, once we understand that the suffering Christ is lifted up for salvation, suffering begins to have meaning. A sermon outline for John 3:11 by Arthur Landwehr.... Resource type: Sermon Illustration Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Author: Arthur Landwehr The Perils of Avoiding Suffering Ed Rogers reflects on Thomas Merton's paradoxical observation that "the one who does most to avoid suffering is, in the end, the one who suffers most." Resource type: Article Source: Catholic Education Resource Center Author: ED ROGERS
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